AIS BMS work with our clients to make sure they avoid the biggest single cost to their business, by recognising and understanding what the most important factor is for every business.

Keep calm, and carry on?

So many times we hear that many businesses are focussed on strategies such as cost reduction, performance improvements or energy reduction. One or all of these are very important, and for certain are worthwhile, but there’s one more thing.

Let’s look a little more closely, and understand that there’s one much more significant factor here. The single most important factor for any business is the ability to be able to continue ‘doing business’. Whatever the area of endeavour happens to be, not being able to do business is the fastest way to go broke.

Many companies don’t realise that the real risks to their business continuity is their supporting infrastructure fail. In many cases, businesses accept this risk and mitigate for it with respect to data, IT and software by doing things like back-ups. But what happens to your building if the chillers don’t start or in the depths of winter your boilers don’t run?

If something falls over in your building control system, and it can’t be replaced as it’s obsolete, how long can you make do without that critical plant running before there is a massive impact on your business? 

It’s not days, no, not days at all… more like hours.

So, if your infrastructure supporting your business is about to fall over, and interrupt your ability to carry out your work, it’s something you really need to know.

It is also something you need to plan for. Why wait for a failure that means significant, time consuming works are needed before your normal service can be resumed?

Plan ahead and carry out the works at your convenience, not when the fickle finger of fate points at you and you hear that voice that says “you’re in trouble now…”

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