AIS BMS can help you plan and mitigate risks of operational failure, keeping your vital business functions running.

Effective planning and management of obsolescence in your BEMS means your facility will remain functional and operational reducing costs and mitigating any risks caused by unforeseen failures. Failures to equipment that is no longer supported by its manufacturer could lead to extended periods of time when your facility is disrupted due to lack of parts or support, while an alternative solution is put in place. Planning to avoid such issues makes sound business sense and should be part of your routine assessment of your building.

We are able to offer the following services:

  • BMS hardware risk analysis and reports
  • Critical plant and upgrade road map
  • Cost planning and project management
  • Critical spares assessment

There are huge benefits of having the latest products, such as:

  • Minimising operational downtime by having supportable products
  • Mitigating risk of operational failure in critical plant
  • Keeping your vital business functions running
  • Reducing the risk of cyber security threats to your business
  • Protecting your business’ revenue stream
  • Minimising long-term impact on costs
  • Upgrading at your convenience as opposed to in an emergency
  • Enhanced energy saving capabilities of current systems.