Our award winning energy management solutions are part of a simple 4-step process offering a complete service from energy audits to strategic long-term energy reduction project planning. Enhancing the operation of your BEMS will improve efficiency and deliver operational cost savings in your buildings.

Opportunities for cost savings

Effective control of your Building Energy Management System provides many opportunities for cost savings, often with little or no investment. Follow our 4-step energy reduction pathway for the best results!

Our unique 4-step energy reduction pathway

Step 1 : Audit, Understand current usage and what could be saved

In order to enable effective energy reduction we need to understand how and when energy is being consumed. We will take your building’s ½ hourly meter data (this data is usually available from your energy supplier for free) and import this data into our in house developed audit tool which then generates meaningful information for our experts to analyse and report on. We also take into account the weather for that year, so we know if the building should be working harder or not. The output of this tool is measured against current CIBSE TM46 benchmark figures and you get a detailed report

Step 2 : Analyse, Analyse current usage

We install a clever piece of technology on to your building which looks at the data in your building energy management system from every single perspective, groups them in to logical dependencies and inter-dependencies and spots the areas that are not working as they should be, our technology is working for you looking over the entire system every moment of every day.

The output of this step will allow us to identify not only controls based issues, but also hidden plant issues that require attention. Peeling away the layers of complexity in your building to reveal root causes of performance issues and excessive energy consumption. Our analytics solution will also allow us to monitor and report on the progress being made and provides overview reports of what has been rectified and opportunities for improving the building further.

Step 3: Implement, Make the Changes

Implement is the step that sees our specialists attending site to investigate issues that have been identified with our analytics engine that can’t be resolved remotely. They will also investigate opportunities for changes to be made to the mechanical system design to accommodate for how the building is now being used. Often the current use differs from the original design brief significantly, and the changes we recommend will therefore deliver healthy savings. We provide a detailed report with fully costed options for you to consider, each showing the costs and calculated savings expected.

Step 4 : Manage, Ensure you stay in the optimised zone

This step sees our analytics platform take on a policing and continuous assessment role. We provide you access to your building performance via our web-based analytics dashboard where you can keep on top of the things that begin to fall out of ideal performance parameters and police the standards set out by your building policies.

Our analytics platform will be continuously monitoring your building and will be making sure you are informed of any issues that develop. This process can be configured to provide you and your team alerts automatically and you can manage the workflow distribution to your M&E team and AIS BMS.

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