The Acorn Academy has been developed to focus on people development, providing a better structure, consistency, visibility and availability for training and development.

The academy has become embedded into our employee culture providing many training and development areas for all employees, some compulsory to enhance the service of the business and some optional.The academy provides consistent training courses that are easily accessible and job role relevant. It also provides clear learning and development paths for those wishing to progress within their existing role or for future career development.

The Acorn Academy covers the whole business. Our new joiners and our long serving employees will be able to gain a real benefit. From electrical training and apprenticeships through to management, mentoring and coaching, we are bringing all the training and development plans and courses into the structure of the Acorn Academy.

This is a big challenge and we firmly believe this is the first and most important step to realising the goals and objectives and truly investing in our people.