If you are reading this then that means you really want to make your building work more efficiently, reducing your energy bills and improving the environment for your employees and even helping save the world, one step at a time.

This is the final step in our series covering the AIS BMS Four Step Energy Pathway, the simple steps you need to take to deliver very significant energy savings in your buildings. Read on to see how to keep the savings you’ve made and to make sure all that work isn’t wasted.

Manage is the final step in our four step pathway


This is the final stage where you get to make the ultimate decision. Together we will have worked hard to improve the control and operation of your building, so do you want to keep it that way? It is important with buildings to keep a check on how things are going. This will be the long-term investment in your building, maintaining a healthy and efficient building environment. The savings made can be lost if you allow your buildings operational parameters to be altered or meddled with which move it away from its new optimal condition.


The best way to think about this step is to consider it as an ongoing analyse stage. When we manage your building performance, we provide automated monitoring of your building using our outstanding analytics solution. This provides you access to your building performance via a web-based analytics dashboard where you can keep on top of the things that fall out of ideal performance parameters and police the standards set out by your building policies. 

Our analytics platform will be continuously monitoring your building and making sure you are informed of any issues that develop. This process can be configured to provide you and your team alerts automatically and you can manage the workflow distribution to your M&E team and AIS BMS. 

AIS BMS are also able to offer a managed service for you. If you are too busy to be able to stay on top of the data within our building performance analytics solution then let us take the strain. 

AIS BMS can provide routine analysis and remote intervention services from our dedicated Energy and Building Performance Centre based at our head office in Slough. We will provide regular reporting on the actions taken. We will also meet with you regularly to keep you informed and up-to- date on the issues we have found and fixed and those that may require further works by us or your M&E maintenance team. 

The result!

The main advantage is that your building will retain the significant savings already made and will be tuned and refined as time passes, providing further savings. Your M&E maintenance and BEMS support will benefit from being fully informed by our analytics solution, thus directing the resources to where they are most required, getting the things fixed that are needed rather than waiting months for them to been attended to on a regular, routine PPM schedule. Fix times will be faster, downtime will be minimised and in many cases, issues will be fixed before they cause operational inconvenience or costs to the occupants of your building. 

So we complete our four step energy pathway and it’s pretty simple to see how we can help you reduce the energy consumption in your building and help provide a high performing facility that maximises the occupant’s uptime and productivity, while keeping operational costs to a minimum. 

Armed with this information, why wouldn’t you engage with AIS BMS and start your journey to an efficient, high performing building?

If you are interested in finding out more and engaging in our Energy and Building Performance experts please contact us.