Enhancing your BEMS can improve efficiency and deliver cost savings. We offer a complete service from control energy audits to strategic long-term energy reduction project planning.

Opportunities for cost savings

Effective control of your Building Energy Management System provides many opportunities for cost savings, often with little or no investment.

Benefits of an Optimised Energy Management System

Many building owners have benefited from surprisingly large energy savings from simple adjustments of existing control system settings.

Benefiting from the expertise and knowledge of our energy specialists, your business will reduce operating costs, improve building performance, availability and productivity and also address key corporate and social responsibility requirements.

Our expert advice will also help and guide you in areas of current legislation and assist you to build and deliver a plan to demonstrate compliance.

We will monitor and assess your building prior to our visits and then look at where your savings can be made. This will be supported by full financial plans to help you effectively budget for the implementation and know what return you should expect.

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