We offer a 24/7 specialist support service including qualified, skilled advice and planning from energy experts. We can keep an eye on your BEMS around the clock.

24 hours, every day, all year round

Our 24/7 bureau delivers a full range of remote response, remote interrogation, diagnostics and fault rectification, and pro-active services.

Working with our team ensures your buildings are monitored and supported 24 hours, every day, all year round.

Flexible Service

Our service is flexible, offering just call escalation and response through to automated alarm management, escalation and rectification, and including engineer call out.

This service is ideal for clients with critical operations where building and system uptime is essential. By using the AIS BMS service, we can minimise downtime, respond to call outs faster and even fix issues remotely, saving time, money and getting your facilities up and running sooner.

We will help you keep your promises and help you hit your KPIs.

We take a flexible approach that offers our clients precisely the support they need, including:

  • BEMS control and measurement
  • Alarm response
  • Remote rectification
  • Engineer escalation
  • Performance issue resolution and improvement

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